Monday, January 07, 2019

"politically motivated hate"

By now, you may or may not have heard the case of Lara Kollab, a doctor working at the Cleveland Clinic, who was recently fired after it was discovered that she had written some venomously antisemitic tweets only a few years ago, threatening to mis-prescribe medicine to Jews, whom she also describes as "dogs." Read more about Kollab here. The article notes that, after Kollab was fired from her job, she has, through her lawyers, issued a public apology for her words. It is, as the article speculates, an open question as to how sincere Kollab's apology is. And if there any doubt that "hate" can appear on both sides of the aisle, let Kollab and her injudicious tweets be Exhibit A for the left and its hatred.*

*As I've said repeatedly, is Exhibit A for the right side of the aisle. Liberals really ought to join Gab just so they can harvest samples of the rampant bigotry on display on that site.

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