Saturday, January 05, 2019

appearing and disappearing

Grocery-wise, everything I like tends to disappear eventually. At the grocery in my building, this happens quite a lot. That feta I liked? Gone after a few months. Those No Brand hot dogs I liked? Gone, too. My favorite brand of grape juice? Gone. The reverse also happens: things that I've been pining for will suddenly appear unbidden, and often when I don't need them.

Case in point:

I've been wanting, wanting, and wanting red onions since forever. Now, finally, they appear in my building's grocery... right when I haven't been thinking about making Greek salads and such. Christ. (Yes, I'm fine with red onions in my Greek salad.)

Also: I now know that red onions aren't called "홍양파" in Korean. Per the label you see above, they're "자색 깐양파," i.e., (peeled) purple onions. Which makes sense: they really are purple, just as "red cabbage" is actually purple.

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