Tuesday, January 08, 2019

all in all, it's just a....

Let's talk about the wall—or, as Trump is now calling it, the "border fence."

Chuck Norris backs Ted Cruz's proposal to make El Chapo and other drug lords pay for the US-Mexico border wall. Let me go one further and suggest that, after making the drug lords fund the wall as a way to stanch the flow of drugs into the country, we then legalize drugs. Oh, the ultimate fuck-you to El Chapo and all of his brethren! Readers of this blog know that I'm very pro-legalization, and not just for "soft" drugs like marijuana, but for all drugs. I think that, as long as individual states and the federal government don't make the stupid mistake that California is currently making by taxing legalized drugs to death, drug money could be a major source of income for governments at the state and national level.

And here's Styx on the Democrats' current obstructionism:

A lot of people paint Trump as Hitler, or if not as Hitler, then as some sort of dictator wannabe. If that were really true, though, then Trump would have forced the issue long ago, and he'd have his wall already. It's been two years, and we're still dickering. That's not the mark of a dictator. People seem to forget their history: dictators don't allow the press to constantly hound and second-guess them. Dictators don't let masses of citizens come together for their "Fuck Trump!" rallies. They don't allow anti-authoritarian messages to spread on social media. They don't advocate for an armed citizenry. Trump is an asshole and an egomaniac, and yeah, he lies—but don't confuse him with an actual dictator.

And then there's this: remember back when George Carlin had no problem with fences?

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John Mac said...

Precisely. And when people start up with the Trump=Hitler bullshit I just move on. They are unworthy of my time and energy to attempt to engage in a meaningful discussion of the issues.