Tuesday, January 29, 2019

movies in a queue, movies un-reviewed

In case you're getting sick and tired of my movie reviews, I have good news for you. A bit of background first: I'm in the midst of a book project, but every time I watch a new movie, I've felt obliged to review it. In order to give myself more time to focus on my project, I'm going to stop writing reviews for the next little while, at least until the first phase of my book project is done. In other words, I'll still be watching movies in my free time, but I won't be reviewing them. Once I get back to writing reviews, in a few weeks or a few months, I might begin by reviewing some of the movies that I've watched during my review moratorium, or I might just do reviews of whatever movies I'm currently watching. From my end, it'll be liberating to just watch a movie without feeling that I need to write anything critical about it.

I have a long list of movies in my queue right now. Here are a few of the ones that might, sadly, go un-reviewed:

"Leave No Trace" (looks awesome)
"Christopher Robin"
"Deliverance" (seen, but will be rewatching)
"Dallas Buyer's Club"
"The Greatest Showman"
"The Magnificent Seven" (remake)
"The Commitments" (seen many times but never reviewed)
"The Hitman's Bodyguard"
"Big Trouble in Little China" (seen before)
"Inferno" (gack)
"Filth" (will have to watch with earbuds)
"Bad Times at the El Royale"
"Super" (Rainn Wilson)
"Kumaré" (a doc about a fake guru)

There are actually quite a few movies I've watched that I've never reviewed. Off the top of my head: "Doubt," "The Lunchbox," and the "Kill Bill" movies come immediately to mind. I might give those a rewatch, at some point, and then review them. We'll see.

Anyway, it's going to be a dry white season for movie reviews on this blog for the next little while. I'm sure you're sorely, sorely disappointed. If you want to lodge a complaint, please feel free to take it up with my assistant:

I can probably free up even more of my time by forgoing anything politics-related—a moratorium that will doubtless come as a relief to an even greater swath of the Hominid-reading demographic. Besides, I'm kind of tired of slapping up politics-related entries. Nothing changes as a result of them. What's the use?

So what's left? Well, with no Styx or Paul Joseph Watson to embed, I guess I'll have to go back to posting—gasp—my own thoughts. Ye gods. Luckily, I can talk about the upcoming walk for the next few days, then blog the walk itself. I'm looking forward to a change of scenery; the Incheon walk is so familiar to me now, but I haven't been out toward Paldang Dam and Yangpyeong City since... well, since 2017.

Strap in and prepare for a whole lotta nuthin'.


Charles said...

Wait... you're going to watch movies... without reviewing them afterward?

Have you gone mad?!

Kevin Kim said...