Friday, January 04, 2019

on the brute fact of death (Alan Watts)

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Anonymous said...

When I had a blog, I made a similar argument against the desire for immortality or at least an extremely extended life span. I have argued with Dennis Magnan on this, and tackled an article by Aubrey Grey. Those that wish for a greatly extended life, despite their statements otherwise, do not feel satisfied with their accomplishments. They also don't understand how they will change over time and think that where they are at their peak will always obtain.

For myself, if I were told I had x amount of time to live and nothing medical science will help, I would be sad for the things left undone (Although in my case there will always be things undone.)and for the relationships I will leave behind. But I won't fight it but will try to organize everything left so that there will be the least confusion to deal with when I am dead. I would also make sure I had the maximum amount of time with family and friends. I would take as my example Elisson, who will be dead shortly but still shows his zest for life in the few blog posts he has made.