Tuesday, January 01, 2019

ALERT: unable to comment on some Blogger blogs

I don't know what's up, but I'm unable to leave comments on certain Blogger/Blogspot blogs. Even though I'm signed in to Google, such that I can access my own Blogger account, my Gmail account, and my Google Drive account via Chrome browser tabs, I can't traipse over to, say, Steve Honeywell's blog and leave a comment because that blog basically says I'm not logged in even though I am. I don't know what the matter is; I'm looking into the problem by visiting various user fora; we'll see what comes up. I may have to delete cookies or something in order for sites to recognize me. That's a pain in the ass, but I'd rather go through the pain than be unable to leave comments on some of my favorite blogs.

I doubt anyone is actually wondering about my absence, but in case anyone is: that's the problem. Google's gone wonky, and it's messing with my new year. "Don't be evil," my ass.

UPDATE: I just went to Steve's blog, and suddenly... everything works. I'll check some other Blogger/Blogspot blogs and see whether there's still a problem with them. Expect more updates later. NB: one user forum said the problem might be exclusively Mac-related. I'll check once I'm back at my place, but yesterday, the problem seemed to occur on both my home MacBook Air and my Windows desktop at the office. I think the problem is Google-related, not OS-related.

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Surprises Aplenty said...

Reminds me of days of yore - roughly ten years ago- when Korea would periodically tighten Internet restrictions and block us all out of our own blogs, much less others. Good luck.