Tuesday, March 17, 2020

a reading from the Krystal Ball

Krystal Ball, one of the co-anchors of The Hill, has a post-debate video out in which she "debunks Biden's parade of lies." I hadn't even realized the Biden/Sanders debate was happening this soon, and suddenly I've been deluged by video recommendations to watch debate postmortems. So, this past Sunday evening in DC, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders elbow-bumped each other in a fine display of COVID-19-age salutations. They then debated each other without any audience, and according to Styx, Biden actually did well enough to keep his lead in the race for delegates from being threatened. Also according to Styx, Sanders was technically the winner, but at this late stage, it probably doesn't matter, and the optics were in favor of Biden, anyway (which sounds like a bizarre thing to say about someone as gaffe-prone as Biden is). Anyway, here's Krystal Ball with her withering debunkery:

And here's Styx's own debate postmortem:

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