Tuesday, March 31, 2020

walking: the pain update

I once again forgot to take painkillers before last night's 15K-step walk. That in itself is a good sign because it means I'm less conscious of pain in general. I tend to self-medicate when the pain is bad enough that I can't ignore it. Last night, unfortunately, the pain did reach that level about halfway through my walk. Once I got back to my place, I took some aspirins and some ibuprofen to chase the ache away, but the pain was a warning sign, I think: 15K steps is probably going to be my max for a long while yet.

My right foot remains slightly, frustratingly swollen; I might visit the ortho clinic again to get a followup X-ray done. In the meantime, I take last night's pain to mean that I shouldn't push too hard. That's a dispiriting realization, but I also don't want to damage my foot permanently, so this may be a good time to listen to what my body is telling me.

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  1. It's a good thing you are not a doctor because you have no patience. *ahem*

    If I'm reading you right, you are making slow and steady progress. Give the healing process time to make it right. I can tell how frustrating it is to want to get back into those long walk routines (hell, I'd be going nuts too), but the pain seems to be saying too much, too soon.

    You haven't written much about the new bike. I'm guessing that you are not finding that as fulfilling as you had hoped?

    Hang in there!



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