Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Arielle Scarcella vs. Steven Crowder

As many of the comments below this video say: this is what intelligent, civil discussion ought to look like.* I've mentioned Arielle Scarcella before; she did a revealing and educational talk with Tim Pool not long ago. Below, Scarcella talks with conservative comedian and talking head Steven Crowder, who has a series of "Change My Mind" videos on YouTube. Scarcella and Crowder talk about what it means to walk away from the frothing left, what still separates Scarcella from the right, and where things might go from here:

*Ignore Crowder's hilarious middle finger in the video's thumbnail image. That's there purely as clickbait, to make it seem as if there's a nasty fight going on. In reality, the discussants truly are civil with each other. Damn... did I just make you lose interest?

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