Sunday, March 15, 2020

which side is the violent one, again?

Those readers who want to balance this video out by linking me to similar compilations of rightie threats of violence, public screaming, sundry acts of belligerence, etc.: please feel free to leave your links in the comments section. I'd love to see comprehensive video proof of the right's explicit violence, and not just video of one single incident in Charlottesville, Virginia. The right is constantly being accused of either actual violence or threats of violence, so such compilations must be plentiful. I await your links. Do me one favor, though: be sure to include instances of violence from religiously conservative Muslims as part of your compilation. This will do much to prove to me that you honestly deplore right-wing violence in all its forms.

PS: I'm already on record re: expressions of rightie hatred and bigotry based on my personal experience on Gab, so please consider that sort of thing "asked and answered" as far as I'm concerned. I readily and happily concede that the right has a problem in that regard, although—again in the interest of fairness—I should note that the left has its own bigotry problem, which is something I've also repeatedly noted on this blog (here, for example).

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