Sunday, March 15, 2020

new tees!

My online tee-shirt shop continues to expand. Click the tee image on the right-hand sidebar—the one under the title "BigHominid's Tees." You'll be taken to my Teespring shop, where you'll see several tee designs that are available in a variety of colors and tee-shirt types.

Those designs:

1. My "Walk Right!" graphic for people who want to tell off Koreans who constantly ignore foot-traffic etiquette and walk on the wrong side of the stairs and walkways.

2. My "Kevin's Walk 2019" design for—at this point—people who want to show belated (maybe even nostalgic) support for the Incheon-to-Busan walk I did last year.

3. My "Hapkido" image for people who just want to slap some Chinese characters on their fronts, along with a nifty red dojang (stamp or chop that acts at the artist's "signature").

4. My two newest Dalma Daesa (Bodhidharma) images. I uploaded my two favorite Dalma brush paintings, even creating an "all-over" tee design that splashes the normal-sized artwork all over the tee, front and back.

Take a look, select a shirt, and be happy! If you're in the States, you're in luck: Teespring is based in the States, and it also has distribution facilities in the UK. The shop does ship all over the world, though, so even if you're in Korea or Japan, you can have a tee shipped to you, albeit for extra shipping cost (sorry!).

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