Monday, March 09, 2020

your laugh for today

I've watched a few of these MxR Plays meme-discussion videos, now, and while I find them spastically edited and definitely targeted at the attention-deficit crowd, they can be pretty funny. The girlfriend, Jeannie (or maybe Jin-hee, since she's Komerican), piles on way too much aegyo (nauseatingly saccharine cutesiness) for my taste, but she can be witty. The two together (the boyfriend's name is Henry; he's Chinese- or Taiwanese-American, I think) have a pretty good dynamic. Below, they tackle the topic of hilarious boyfriends. Be warned: the humor does get raunchy at points. This video isn't for church ladies.

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John Mac said...

That went well with my morning coffee. Made me envious of the kind of relationship they have.