Monday, March 23, 2020

foot report, 3/23/20

My right foot is still slightly swollen; this state of affairs hasn't changed for a month, and it's becoming frustrating. My foot aches if I sit cross-legged, i.e., such that my other leg is pressing down on the foot. That my foot is still so achy is also frustrating. Upshot: I don't feel ready to do any serious distance walking. Monday night is a walking night, though, so I'll definitely do my 10K-or-so steps tonight, and I'll do the walk again Friday night. Meanwhile, there's biking. I didn't bike over the weekend, but I'll get some miles in this week.

ADDENDUM: I walked almost 11,000 steps again tonight, and I survived, albeit with the help of some ibuprofen. Clinically speaking, I'm in decent shape: even a couple hours after walking, the ache isn't bad enough to make me limp, so that's a good sign. I might actually try a 15K-step walk this coming Friday. We'll see how that goes.


John Mac said...

I know you are a distance walking fan and I'm not sure of your time schedule, but have you considered trying two or three shorter walks per day? It may not make a difference pain-wise and if it doesn't satisfy your marathon urges there's probably no point. It just seems a little worrisome that the healing is not progressing faster. Can you adapt if this is the new normal?

Kevin Kim said...

I work a 9-hour block (8 hours of work, 1 hour for lunch), and that occupies most of my waking hours. If I were to split up the walk into smaller walks, I'd be able to do two walks only: once before work, and once after. walking before work would mean waking up much earlier, and waking up much earlier would mean rearranging my current schedule rather extremely. By my lights, it's easier just to do one solid block of walking (aside from the super-short walks I do while at work) at night.

I've thought about getting all my walking done in the early morning, but that would mean forcing myself to become a morning person, which I'm not. I'm able to wake up daily at 5 a.m. when I'm doing a big walk down to Busan, but that's because my mindset becomes project-oriented, and making the switchover is easy in that context. Back in the regular world, waking up that early is... asking a lot.

John Mac said...

That's what I figured. Ah, the joys of being retired!