Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Justin on COVID-19 insurance

Do we have this in Korea?

My friend Justin Yoshida writes:

We bought [Covid-19] insurance

Many insurance companies started offering it in Thailand from about last week, and the [rates] are similar. We just have the lowest tier of coverage, which starts at about 250 baht ([one-time] payment) and covers up to 200,000 baht in medical expenses for a year. The higher tiers cover about double that.

I have to go pick up Max in Washington state in a couple months, so it seemed prudent. I looked at air tickets last night, and the transit countries (Japan, Korea, China, etc.) are all hot zones, except for Taiwan. So, hopefully Taiwan stays safe[,] and I can use Eva Air. But who knows how all this will turn out[?] Fucking pandemics, man. Really inconsiderate.

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Charles said...

Haven't heard about anything like this here.