Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tim Pool on Dem rage-quitting

I think Tim Pool is being overdramatic here, but watch the vid and tell me what you think:

One thing that Pool talks about is the rapid deterioration of Joe Biden. A lot is riding on the next debate, and I hadn't thought much about that specific event. But the fact is that it's pretty much down to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, neither of whom is widely beloved by most of the Dem-leaning electorate. Pool's video focuses on the possibility of Bernie fans rage-quitting if Sanders once again fails to snag the nomination (and Pool frankly states that he finds Bernie to be the more electable geezer because he's still got all his marbles), but Pool also talks about how people are either calling for the next debate to be canceled or for the format to be changed to something more physically comfortable for two very old men: a sit-down, town-hall format that would allow the debaters to speak easily and comfortably instead of following the usual tight strictures of a formal debate.

The dark implication is that Joe Biden is rapidly reaching a point where (1) he can no longer physically stand for two hours, and (2) he can no longer speak coherently, without senior-moment gaffes, for more than a few minutes at a time. A direct mano a mano debate would require Biden to speak for almost an hour in a two-hour format. If the man has trouble getting through a five-minute spiel without forgetting God, Barack Obama, what state he's in, or the name of his interviewer, how on earth is he supposed to speak coherently for nearly an hour? And given how easily riled Biden has been lately, and given his on-the-record desire to take Donald Trump behind a building and give him a high-school-style thrashing, how can anyone expect Biden to survive with his civility intact after being relentlessly needled and goaded by Trump who—with his annoying Backpfeifengesicht face, his propensity to mock and provoke, and his own brand of old-and-crazy—is going to mop the floor with Creepy Uncle Joe?

Biden is like a severely weakened video-game character who bursts into the final room of the final level of the game... only to face off against a gigantic, bloated, fresh-and-ready boss monster that will tear him enough new assholes to leave him bleeding and shitting 24/7. Some people are genuinely concerned for Biden's well-being, which is why they want to steer Uncle Joe away from his present course. Part of me also wonders whether Biden's heedless, headlong plunge into the Trumpian maw isn't some kind of act of cruelty. Is Crusty Old Joe being prodded forward by people whom Trump sneeringly refers to as Biden's "handlers"? Is Biden even mentally at the wheel anymore? Leftie firebrand Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks thinks the brokered convention may be where Biden gets replaced by someone better, or at least more coherent. I guess we'll see. Meanwhile, I'm now morbidly fascinated by the prospect of the upcoming Biden/Bernie confrontation. What new hilarious/saddening verbal gaffes await us as Biden's mouth and brain once again fail him?


John Mac said...

If Biden's mental capacity truly is as bad as it appears, I'm guessing he's just a means to an end. He knocks Sanders out of the race and then at the convention he regretfully withdraws for health reasons. Then a brokered convention gives the DNC who they truly want. Hell, maybe they give Hillary another shot.

Kevin Kim said...

Gonna hold you to that prediction. If you turn out to be right, I'll pronounce you a prophet.