Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Colion Noir on prepping, self-reliance, and arming yourself

Colion Noir's video urging pragmatism is only 3:45 in length, so do give it a watch. Watch it at 1.5X speed if you're impatient. I have a feeling that this message might be more relevant to John McCrarey in the Philippines, where expats are starting to wonder whether poorer elements in Philippine society might turn vicious now that everything is on Duterte-sanctioned lockdown (read John's recent post to find out what that means). The moneyed expats could become targets of violence and looting, and the Philippines have been the source of stories about violence against expats before (plenty of grim news at this link).


John Mac said...

I agree with Mr. Noir. Unfortunately, foreigners are not permitted to own firearms in the Philippines. That puts us at a distinct disadvantage (although some of the guys married to a Filipina have a gun in the wife's name).

It's day 2 of the lockdown and the Filipinos I know are all more than a little concerned about how they are going to make ends meet with no income. Crazy days and no idea how things will turn out. Still fewer than 200 reported cases in the Philippines and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our hot and humid weather is not to the coronavirus'liking. We shall see.

Kevin Kim said...

Good luck and happy hunkering!

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, yeah: you've talked about guns with your housekeeping staff, ja? Maybe it's time to persuade them to make a crucial purchase.