Friday, March 13, 2020

personal update

I took a sick day off work today because of a major gastric issue that hit me when I woke up this morning (or I became conscious of it when I woke up). So I've been spending time either in bed or on the pot which, now that I think about it, sounds a lot like how I've behaved when I've had to deal with food poisoning. Nothing virus-related, I assure you: no fever or coughing or body aches.

Last night, I left work very late, cabbed home, marched up to the concierge desk in our building's lobby, and picked up an Amazon package: my new "for fatties" bicycle seat. I spent the next [embarrassingly long interval] tinkering with the seat and my bike, trying to follow the obscure instructions and vainly watching YouTube tutorials. Eventually, just by using observation, deduction, and common sense, I was able to switch out my bike's painful hard-rubber seat for this new plush one. Am eager to try it out, and will do so over the weekend. I also need to visit the bike-store guy and see about reconfiguring the brakes.

My French brother Dominique is still in hospital a week after he'd said he'd be out and working by now. He says he may actually have to go back in for more gastric surgery. This doesn't present a reassuring picture of French healthcare. Dom sent me a cheerful photo of himself in his hospital bed, but he won't let me share it on the blog, so we must all respect his privacy. (I admit I shared the pic among family, though.) Hospitals are rife with pestilence; I hope Dom can get the hell out soon.

My own guts feel a lot better, now that it's after 11 p.m. I ought to be back to normal tomorrow. Although I told the boss I could put in a full day of work on Saturday, he said not to bother: nothing I'm working on is on an urgent schedule. So I guess I'll just have a weekend.

I hope your own gastric situation is pleasantly stable. Enjoy your weekend.


John Mac said...

Hope you found some comic relief, just for shits and giggles. (Sorry!)

Good luck with the bike, hope the seat provides a comfortable ride. It made a big difference when I changed mine out.

Kevin Kim said...

I sat on the seat the other night, and it seemed like a vast improvement. Gonna test-ride it today and then take it to the bike shop to talk about brakes.