Tuesday, March 17, 2020

how to make things happen

I ordered a meal from a local restaurant this evening via computer. Curious as to how delivery people find our unmarked office in the old building we work in, I flagged down one of our supervisors and asked him how this worked. The supervisor took my question way too seriously, though: he stomped back into the office, threw open the door of the PR department where he works, and called out to his crew, "Hey! What's the office number here?" A couple staffers timidly offered up our office number, which I already knew. The supervisor then asked, "Why don't we have a sign on our office's front door? With a room number and a company name?" One of the staffers, slightly older than the others, said, "I'll get on it." So without even intending to, I apparently set some wheels in motion, and our office will soon have a nice little name plate next to the door by our main entrance—with a company name and a room number on it. That's how you get things done, son.

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