Wednesday, March 18, 2020

good analysis by Styx:
Biden reams Bernie with a splintery broomstick


Anonymous said...

I hope Styx gives more thought to his comments than the ones he made concerning the closing of the polls. He is in a demographic at low risk and apparently sees things as they apply to him and not others. If the polls had stayed open there is significant risk that people of older age (60+) would not attend, in effect, disenfranchising themselves. Also, his comment that it might be unconstitutional is ignorant. The states are allowed to set primaries for whatever dates they choose, hence all the various dates that are currently in use.

Based on the above, I have little confidence in Styx's thoughts, even if conservative in tenor they may be.


Kevin Kim said...

I tend to switch off when Styx talks about Korea; it's obvious he knows next to nothing specific about South Korean culture. My point is that there are certainly reasons to doubt Styx, who is, after all, only human. That said, much of his rhetoric has predictive value. He has, for example, been talking about how "we're overdue for a pandemic" for at least two years. So Styx is a mixed bag. Approach him with skeptical caution, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I suppose the same applies to any pundit, really.

(Whenever I leave comments on Styx's videos, the comments tend to be critical—either of Styx's incomplete knowledge of Korea or of Styx's awful pronunciation of foreign words like "Hubei" and "Schengen Area.")

John from Daejeon said...

If it wasn't for your blog, I doubt I'd ever have found Styx. He has been a lot closer to predicting reality than pretty much all media pundits. Then there is his wife. I still can't believe his good luck or his living in Europe with her.

But I do think his unconstitutional comment was right at the time he said it. From Business Insider, "And as some election law scholars, like Ohio State University's Nate Foley, pointed out on Monday night, Ohio's decision to close down polls without rescheduling the primary could even violate the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States constitution." Personally, I thought it could also be unconstitutional according to Ohio's state constitution when the framers never planned to delay voting due to either real pandemics or just plain media-induced mass hysteria. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day of this nonstop nonsense.

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks for the reference re: constitutionality. Styx's point was, of course, that last-minute jiggering of the primary system simply looks suspicious and is probably a bad idea.