Wednesday, March 25, 2020

the other moratorium

Well, fuck me. I guess this counts as a moment of virusblogging, but so be it.

I've got a month's worth of meds left, and I have no particular desire to find myself in my doctor's office, waiting alongside a bunch of sick people just so I can get re-prescribed. It might affect my health, but I'm going to stop taking my meds until May, at which point I'll resume. Perhaps, with the warmer weather in June, we'll see a fall-off in infections and deaths, and the chances of picking up the virus in the doc's waiting room will have gone down by then. This will put the onus on me to eat healthily and to exercise, achy foot or not. But since everyone is advising us citizens not to visit the doctor in person, I'm going to follow that advice, even at the expense of my blood pressure and blood sugar.

We'll see how the moratorium goes.


John Mac said...

Don't they do call in prescriptions? I'm really spoiled here, the pharmacies don't require script for most drugs, including all the ones I'm currently taking.

Kevin Kim said...

I've never tried call-ins, but I have a feeling that that wouldn't work with my doctor. I think a person has to be there in person to receive a prescription. But I can call the office and ask.