Tuesday, March 17, 2020

words of wisdom: "Don't let the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda win the day."

Excellent video. Give it a watch:

Something that frustrates me about Dr. John Campbell's videos is his constant griping about supposed American incompetence in the face of the COVID-19 scourge, coupled with his rather naive praise for China's apparent effectiveness in containing the epidemic within its borders. In a recent video, Dr. Campbell rather grumpily acknowledged that he had read many comments from viewers who had scolded him for being naive about China, and he insisted that he was aware that Chinese data cannot be trusted... at which point he continued to relay Chinese data as uncritically as he had before. While I think Dr. Campbell is generally doing a fine job of both teaching regular citizens how to deal with the pandemic and urging world governments to be more proactive, I've begun to notice that he does harbor a particular political bias, despite his protestations to the contrary. This means that I like Dr. Campbell in general, but I now take what he says with a very big grain of salt. Don't lose your brain in your rush to trust people who sound authoritative.

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