Monday, June 06, 2022

my newest addiction/distraction

Car-detailing videos are amazingly satisfying to watch if you're a neat freak.* The detailer cleans the car's exterior first, going through several phases of soaping, scrubbing, and pressure-washing. Next comes the interior, which usually involves collecting wads of built-up trash and gunk by hand, then running a shop vac over every surface to collect all the remaining crumbs, junk, and dust. There's the carpet- and furniture-cleaning phase in which these things get soaped down, scrubbed, and power-washed. There's the steam-cleaning of the interior, and any last bits of detailing to be done. 

The transformation of a dirty car into a clean car is amazing to behold, although there are plenty of times when the job doesn't go perfectly because some stains and scuffs are simply too deep to take care of. Overall, though, watching a disgustingly dirty vehicle get turned back into a decently clean car is very gratifying. It's the heroic journey in a nutshell: the re-imposition of order on chaos. I'm now subscribed to this Canadian dude:

While I'm not a fan of the music, I love the visuals, and I watch at 2X speed.


*I'm sort of a neat freak about some things, but not about others.

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