Tuesday, June 07, 2022


One of the reasons why I stayed in and watched a ton of movies, this past weekend, was that I had a blister on my right foot that needed a chance to start healing. The blister's still there, but it's not nearly as painful now, so I can begin doing shorter, two-hour walks again. Maybe by mid-week (i.e., tomorrow), I can restart my jogging. Nothing ever quite works out the way you hope: you set up a schedule (MTW fasting, Newcastle RF, single shake on Saturdays, keto Sunday, exercise weekdays, 140-minute walks MWF, 90-minute walks TR, 18K+ walks on Saturdays), then it gets interrupted by life. Them's the breaks.

I can say I learned one thing over the weekend: I don't like cauliflower mash. It's not a very good substitute for mashed potatoes except in terms of texture. Taste-wise, it's nothing like mashed potatoes, and even worse, the mash doesn't age well when you store your cottage pie in the freezer. Again, I don't hate cauliflower: I use it in salads and steam or boil it as a side, but as a keto solution for those who miss mashed potatoes, I'd say it's better just to learn to live without mashed potatoes until you have a cheat day. There are other cauliflower dishes I might try, such as ones where you add spices and seasonings and cheese (which is perfectly keto). I might give those a shot one day. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I've got more movie reviews on the way: Kenneth Branagh's "Belfast" is in my queue, and so is "The Northman," which was co-written and directed by Robert Eggers, the guy who gave us the phantasmagorical "The Lighthouse."

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