Saturday, June 11, 2022

things change

My brother David just hit me with the news that he's planning to move to the American Southwest, land of enchiladas and green salsa. With my other brother Sean now in Chicago after a life in the DC-Metro area, it looks as if we three boys are now scattering to the four winds at last: none of us will be in our hometown area of northern Virginia any longer. David works for a PR firm in DC; he didn't say whether he was quitting that job, planning to work at a Southwestern branch of his company, or just retiring early. 

Selfishly, I'm pondering the fact that this means I'm losing my Stateside billing address for things like my US bank account and my credit card. For the purposes of my Korean bank, I should be able to get away with not changing my listed US home address. My bank never sends paperwork to the States, anyway. There might, however, be other services for which I'll need to update my billing-address information. I'll need to look into that. Ideally, I'd like to be able to stop relying on US addresses at all, but I'm not sure that's possible. I'll have to figure out where I stand on all this, and what I need to do. 

David said I'll need to make my changes by June 16 (gee, thanks for the long heads-up), but he also said the move might happen this year or next year, so what does that mean? He's moving before he officially moves? David didn't explain this, and getting straight answers from him is usually like pulling teeth. Well, I imagine we'll all muddle through this somehow. 

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John Mac said...

When I moved here, I intended to use one of those virtual mail services (they provide a mailing address and either scan or forward your mail to you). I'm using my daughter's address instead, but that's still my fallback option.