Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Andrew Sullivan confirms my suspicions

And here's what he says:

Can we trust a Democratic president to defend the country adequately enough? Toughie. So far, none of the Dems has even begun to make the sale to my satisfaction. But, again, that has to be weighed against whether the country can live with bankrupt big government Nixonism as a price for national security. Second toughie.

This is what I said earlier (January 14, but also January 29):

I think people are going to see two candidates, Democrat and Republican, and understand their choices to be: economy or national security? Obviously, the issues aren't that simple, but those two ideas will be at the heart of the choices we'll have to make in November. And I'm further betting that more people will fall on the side of national security, assuming, as I do, that we'll find our way out of the economic quagmire somehow.

PayPal needs to design a "pay for prophecy" button. Not that my observation is particularly radical or astute, but then again, most people claiming prophetic powers are in it for the money. Buy my book or buy some BigHo products, bitch.


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