Thursday, February 26, 2004

some mug designs

Click the huge, screaming Alien on the sidebar and go buy yourself a BigHominid mug or five.

Two new designs are out:

The "Squirrels Find Nuts" mug design...

a hit!  a most palpable hit!

And the "Tiger and Butterfly" mug design.

tiger and butterfly

[NB: There won't be any border on the actual mug image. ALSO: I might be changing the wording on the tiger one. It's supposed to be cute, but the people who go for "cute" are bizarrely averse to the word "dung." PLUS: Image resolution and quality on the actual mug will be better than what you're seeing on the screen right now.]

Go visit my CafePress site. Buy some swag. More's on the way, but there's already a pretty impressive range of items: tees, sweats, frisbees, mugs, greeting cards-- you name it. Check out all the different designs. Or if you want to go directly to the mug designs, here's the link.


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