Wednesday, February 04, 2004

more slumbering evil about to awaken

My stuff arrived at Korea University, in accordance with the prophecy.

I spent most of today arranging delivery service to move my boxes from KU to my place, setting my computer up (everything seems OK), chewing on Lindt truffles (my favorite: if you ever decide to assassinate me, the quickest way is to poison some Lindt truffles-- especially the blue-label kind), dealing with clothing and shoes and books, and then sitting down to pore through some old emails for blog-worthy material.

My brother David gave me a 128MB flash memory card for Christmas, and I've successfully transferred some old religion-related emails to it. Now, the question is whether I can figure out how to open the card up on this PC. I've plugged the card into the PC's USB port, but I'm still puzzling through the Korean. On my Mac, all I do is plug the flash card into the USB port on the keyboard, and the icon shows up right away. On this PC, you have to go through some process just to get at your own card. Stupid. Bill Gates sucks hairy, cheesy donkey balls.

Many thanks to Smallholder for his thorough-- and frank-- post below. As he might've guessed, I was motivated by the cannibalism issue that everyone else has been talking about. You have to admit it's kind of gross, and sounds rather unnatural to those of us who aren't familiar with the process. Are we any closer to finding more efficient (not to mention safer) methods of introducing loads of protein into the cows' diet?

Also, I have to apologize to all the people coming here from Gweilo Diaries-- horny bastards, all of you. You probably thought I was displaying nipple pics on this blog. Alas, all I did was link to posts and pics, my only constructive contribution being a poem in honor of Britney's tits. Thanks, all the same, for visiting. You created quite a bump in my normally-low numbers (well, they're still low, even with the bump). Heh.

OK... more in a bit. I have to take a quick survey of the blogroll...


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