Thursday, February 12, 2004

keeping you entertained while you wait

You know, the thing about visiting Conrad's site too often is that you end up seeing tits everywhere. And it changes you, it really does.


je vois la vie en nichons!

I've been working hard to colorize those cartoons, and didn't even get to finish Philosophical Challenge yet. Just two... damn... pages to go. Instead of reading about religious pluralism, I've been learning all those nifty Photoshop functions: smudge, blur, sharpen, sponge, burn-- it's a regular BDSM bordel in my hard drive.

It took literally hours to figure out how to color a background, and I'm still not sure I understand how best to do this. But such are the perils awaiting the obtuse autodidact. For the moment, it's actually far easier to alter photos than it is to manipulate cartoons.

Here I am showing off one of my more unusual skills.

vomissons encore un peu, chérie!

Yes, this comes in handy when you want a seat on a crowded subway.


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