Friday, February 27, 2004

can you recognize them?

The test of a good logo (and these aren't really completed, but they're almost there) is whether they're meaningful and recognizable. These two happen to have been the easiest to create, since the blog names conjure up very concrete images.

If you can't figure out who these people are based on the images, write me. If you think the images suck, write me. Or bite me. One or the other.

Brand X

Brand X2

And while I'm at it, here's a new mousepad I've designed for my Cafepress shop:

HorangiNabi Mousepad, Caverns of the Big Hominid/CafePress
(actual dimensions, 8"x9.5")

Would you like to buy it? Then click this link, baby.

We hope you've enjoyed today's display. Thank you for flying Hominid. Ride us again anytime.


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