Sunday, February 08, 2004

some remarks

Housekeeping items:

1. I'm just about finished with The Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity. It's been a fascinating and extremely challenging read, requiring frequent breaks and close brushes with insanity. I'm still not sure I've understood half of what I've read, but I want to do a brief review of the book and then concentrate on its final chapter, "Towards Thinner Theologies," which seems to be expressing a point of view very similar to my own. I'm not done with the chapter, though, so I may be wrong.

[NB: the reference to "thinner" will be familiar to people who've read some Clifford Geertz-- cf. the concepts of "thick" and "thin" descriptions of cultural phenomena.]

2. QUESTION FOR KOREABLOGGERS: Joseph has brought this up before, and so have others-- a communal Koreablog, maybe something along the lines of Living in China. But here's my idea, which I'm sure will be rejected, but which I nevertheless present for your consideration: not simply a communal Koreablog, but one done in the style of The Onion. And let's call it The Yang-P'a. Or maybe as an in-joke, The Flying Yang-P'a. Satirical, fictional articles only-- stuff that's from the double source of your own creativity/wit, and the endless tragicomic material our nonfictional host country provides. Consider it, like The Onion, more of a loving tribute than a kick in the ass. (Uh... I think The Onion's a tribute...)

Hell, I can already imagine some headlines begging for articles:

White Man Surreptitiously Stared at On Subway
Dog Named "Anju" Narrowly Avoids Capture
Missing NK Baby Feared Eaten
Soap Actress Demands Reunification
Shouting Match Fails to Lead to Actual Fight
Chongno Bar District Vomit Splatters "Problem," Official Admits
Koreans Gossip About Foreigner in Foreigner's Presence
Life as LA Taxi Driver "Not What I Expected" Says PhD-holder
Spittle-free Sidewalk Discovered Downtown
Bush Branded Primate
Rest of World Once Again Ignored
Foreigner Proves Unable to Haggle in Namdaemun
Ass Size Linked to Burgeoning PC-bahng Culture
American Role Denigrated
Women Control Finances, Study Shows
Middle Finger Deployed, "P'ak Gyu!" Shouted
Foreign Style Copied
Foreign Influence "Dangerous," Millions Contend
Left-handed Woman Surprises Fellow Diners with Chopstick Ability
Demonstration Indicates Sheeplike Thinking
Overemotionalism Blamed in Suicide
Guilty Boss Weeps, Begs Forgiveness
Woman's Hair Dyed Strange Shade of Reddish Brown
Black Man Sighted With Korean Date
Politician Bribed
Christian Disses Buddhist
Foreigner Attempts to Haggle at Department Store
Squid Eaten Without Hesitation
Noh Finally Pulls Head Out of Ass
Lemon Soju Declared National Treasure #39886
Taekwondo Largely Irrelevant
America Blamed
Latest Culinary Trend is Shi-heom Ji-ok Gaegogi-- Dog Thrown from 15th Floor Balcony
White Man With Large Nose Causes Stir With Fluent Korean

Ahhhh, just think: bogus articles, faux-editorials, spoofs of the ultranationalistic tone... all in the "funny because it's true" spirit.

We would need:

writers (the more, the merrier)
some idea of what the blog's layout would be
a proofer (because I'm a spelling/grammar Nazi, I'd volunteer for this)
an editor (because I quite obviously can't edit myself)
some idea about word limits for various sections
some idea what those sections would be
someone who's actually savvy enough to craft a cool, sleek blog design
--and more... much more.

Which means we'd probably have to meet. Or have an e-meeting. Or something.

Your call. There're a ton of talented Koreabloggers out there, and most of them have a goddamn sense of humor. I think this could be shweet.

Email me if you agree.

Email me if you don't.


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