Sunday, February 15, 2004

a job Conrad would envy

I've been sick and had to cancel my private class on Friday, so getting out of the house to schlep over to a meeting in Kangnam on Saturday was a bit dicey. Luckily, all went well and my asshole didn't explode (cf. Eddie Murphy's hilarious outtakes in "The Nutty Professor" for the pop-culture reference).

My meeting was with two ladies, one of whom runs a placement agency that finds foreign teachers and sets them up at university posts on a per-semester basis. The other lady, Kris (also Korean), was one of the teachers, but also a friend of the boss. Kris speaks English very well (go figure-- it's an English-teaching job!), and her main role this evening was to be the interpreter. Luckily, my Korean's good enough that we were able to get along mostly in Korean, or maybe I should call it a Korean-skewing Konglish.

I say that Conrad would envy the gig I got because it's at Seoul Women's University, just a few subway stops from where I live. I may have to take digital pictures of my class. The fun starts in late March.


Yes, men are pigs, and we're all destined to become bacon in hell.


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