Thursday, February 12, 2004

damn-- or rather, day-yamn!

NK Zone's Rebecca MacKinnon interviews Canadian Irwin Oostindie about his recent project, Axis to Grind, filmed in North Korea.

First, an artist? Please, Ms. MacKinnon, talk to someone with a useful angle on reality. It doesn' t have to be a politician or a military professional, but just a person with an expertise in something other than self-indulgence. Who cares what Oostindie thinks? Do I care what sean penn thinks when he visits Iraq, or even the Reverend Jeese Jackson? His opinions are even less authoritative than mine, and no one has to sit through a film to get my angle.

Dictators love people like Oostindie. He has just enough intelligence to be usable. If North Korea was the unwitting victim of natural disasters, then certaintly the world would not hesitate to help North Koreans. The conflict is also more than a cold war leftover, and its amazing how limited Oostindie's view of history is for a westerner. I expect such myopic fantasies from South Koreans, reared on fascist myths and left-wing conspiracy theories, but a Canadian should be more critical.

A right kick in the balls, that! Cheese is Christ!


While you're at it, check out the Infidel's post on Japan's upping the ante with NK.


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