Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Shooting your wad.

At the end of the most recent "le parcours coréen" post the Hominid asked about the origin of "shooting your wad." (At least before it became associated with sex.) It is my understanding that the expression comes from flintlock muskets. The gunpowder was wrapped in a wad of paper, which was torn off at one end and poured down the barrel of the gun before the musket ball was rammed down with the "ram rod." When you fired your musket, you shot your wad. Referring to the wad of gunpowder. I could be mistaken, but am reasonably confident of this.

Carry on.

HOMINID'S UPDATE: Yes, I do think the Maximum Leader's nailed it. The man has a big brain. It promises to be very tasty.

UPDATE 2: Check my comments section, Vomit Vile Vituperation, for some different accounts dug up by the KimcheeGI. And feel free to post comments there yourself. It's nice to get over 100 unique visits a day, but I'm beginning to think you fuckers are afraid of me. Show yourselves so I can correct my aim!


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