Tuesday, February 10, 2004

bye bye, PC-bahng

With many thanks to friends and relatives who pitched in, I'm happy to announce that, at long last, I am BLOGGING FROM HOME.

You can't know the relief. No more smoky rooms, gritty keyboards, or strange diseases (we never did find out what that "face weirdage" was about). No more file transfer nightmares (though I thank my brother David for his very useful USB flash memory card). Now I can draw a cartoon or do some brush art, scan it in directly, and upload that puppy from here. No more transportation expenses-- no more PC-bahng fees (still cheap, but DSL is way cheaper in the long run).

All of which means I need to mull over whether I'm actually going to do a comic strip. To be honest, I doubt I'll be able to do more than two or three strips a week, maximum... one important question is regularity. While writing a blog is only a matter of sitting down and typing, doing a comic strip means scanning, tweaking, and FTP-ing. So I'm still in the "maybe" phase.

DAMN it feels good to be home.

[PS: The only problem with doing this from a Mac is that you're stuck with the OLD Blogger software when you blog, even when viewing Blogger through Mac's newest browser, Safari. Not that that's going to slow me down.]


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