Friday, February 13, 2004

Justin Yoshida makes the blogroll

I had to make that the title of this post so Justin can satisfy his lust for "ego-Googling" (i.e., searching out your own name/info through Google to see what results come up... I do this all the time, and I suspect a lot of you do, too: it's a bit like pausing in front of a large mirror when you're on your way somewhere).

Fascinating and funny blog, plus IT'S A JAPANBLOG! Finally, I've got a Japanese angle to replace Internet Ronin (though I hold out hope that Jedi Master John Eckard in Sendai will start up a blog... the gent's got a lot to say, and he says it so damn well). I still feel bad about removing the Ronin from the blogroll... maybe I found his blog during a very busy period in his life, which would explain the infrequent posting. Perhaps I should lumber-waddle over there and see what's up these days. It really was a damn good blog (plus, it looked nice).

Anyway, Justin's ego-Googling netted him another Justin Yoshida, which he found creepy.

The links that can be found by ego-Googling are sometimes surprising. I hunted down the site of another Justin Yoshida last month! I left a message in his guestbook, but haven't gotten word back yet. What do you know? He plays CS, just like me. Heh.

This guy must actually be me, from an alternate universe or something. Maybe the metaphysic membrane between our realities was temporarily ripped and he somehow fell through. It should be interesting if we hook up sometime - he apparently lives in Hawaii so it's conceivable I might make the effort someday. If he's not hiding from me, that is. I can be weird sometimes, maybe he thinks I'm a maniac or something. Come to think of it, the thought of another Justin Yoshida is kind of scary. What if he goes aggro and kills a bunch of people or something? It might reflect poorly on me, you know. Twenty years from now when I'm introducing myself to people they might say, "Yoshida... Aren't you the guy who blew up a tour bus full of Chinese tourists and sold their remains as humuhumunukunukuapuaa pudding at Hanauma Bay?"

Justin wrote a post on the dedication of the Japanese "salaryman" that gave me a chuckle. It says in part:

Ulcers. Yes, it seems everybody has them around here. Like everyone else, I have a horror story. Two years ago, my senior partner on a prototyping project sat up quite suddenly in his seat and handed me a stack of documents. His eyes were bulging as he bent over and proceeded to noisily vomit blood into the wastebasket. Then he slumped over in his chair and the girls in the room started screaming. When the departmental manager left the room to find the nurse on call, homeboy opened his eyes, pointed to the aforementioned stack of papers, and said "tanomu wa" (Get it done.).

Now, this guy is a legend. He is the most dedicatedist motherfucker I have ever met, and a pain in the ass to work for because of his scrupulousness - he put the "ei" in "einaru", if you know what I mean. And he ended up spewing entrail juice. Coincidence? Hardly. So that is the moral of this story - the most dedicated person in the office always ends up vomiting blood.

The End

Blood-vomiting isn't a bad way to end up on the blogroll. Welcome, Mr. Yoshida.


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