Friday, February 06, 2004


So the other night, I'm dealing with my daughter, who has the mild stomach flu. She's sitting on my lap half asleep with her head on my shoulder, exhausted at 4am, after puking a couple of times. She then raises her head looking at me. I ask her if her tummy hurts and she responds with a "yes". At that point it's too late. She looks me in the eye, and I get a load of vomit square in the face.

Kids should come with a warning label "Caution: You will get puked on, pooped on, pissed on, and you will not have the luxury of reacting in anything less than a sympathetic manner."

So tell me why we're having a second one? Hell, Max Leader's working on his third one. Isn't anyone gonna tell these Catholics that science has figured out what causes pregnancy?

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