Friday, February 27, 2004

people, trust, and life

The Infidel writes a meditation that, despite his infidel status, is very reminiscent of Psalm 22. Great reading.

Andi at Overboard writes a great post on meditation, strange dreams, practice, and what Seung Sahn daeseonsa-nim would call "just go straight-- don't know!"

Because Andi's post deals in some measure with the hangups of Western Buddhists, I feel free to link once again to an old essay I wrote about essentialism in Western Buddhism and the prevalence of the Jesus meme in Western Buddhist consciousness. A lot of Western Buddhists are former Christians. A lot. The essay will also serve as a reminder of those heady days when this blog was less artsy-fartsy. Heh.

Critiques/discussion always welcome.


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