Saturday, February 07, 2004

BEWARE: we start off easy,
but it gets progressively worse

With thanks to Carpemundi who, sadly, will be rolling up his cyber-tent in a week. Mundi got me some new FTP space, which rocks. I can't seem to get back into my old FTP space, and have no clue why. But these hurdles can be overcome.

I promised you nasty cartoons, didn't I.

And I'm not leaving this PC-bahng until I give them to you.

FOUR OF THEM. Scroll slowly to savor. I've spaced them out somewhat to increase the delicious anticipation.

In honor of the parrot that, at least for a while, was thought to be Churchill's, I offer you the following:

RAWWWWK!  Naughty Dean!  Naughty Dean!

What? Not intense enough? Of course not! Keep scrolling down. We're not done by a DAMN sight.

I'm still working on a cartoon stand-in for Mr. John "Read My Liplessness" Kerry. I thought about doing a vulture, but I don't want to offend the actual badass vultures in these parts.

le dialogue de sourds

Keep scrolling, damn your eyes!

Just a little more...

...and here we are. You know, I always thought there was a reason why Dean seemed so soft on Saddam.

How's it hangin', asswipe?

The man's got a real hard-on for politics.


Falling toward the ninth circle now...



(these are supposed to be subliminal messages, asswipe, so STOP PAUSING and KEEP SCROLLING DOWNWARD)







And finally... the cartoon you, uh, came for:

The secret to Dean's loyalty base is DICK SOMA

Yeah, I think that about sums up where this campaign's been and where it's going.

Let the song of peace be sung throughout the land! Let the oxen low and the pheasants caw! Let the children see my bare ass and take heart!

Now go and read those other blogs.

Jesus, you're dumb.

You just can't stop, can you.

You want to know whether there's a bottom, right?

Lemme give you a hint.

This is CYBERSPACE, fucker.




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