Sunday, February 29, 2004

Dantean Marmot

Yes, I think this is what's going on the sidebar. It took a lot less time to create than a cartoon, and I neatly avoid any questions about what the animal is.


I suppose I should feel guilty about changing "hole" to "hell," but in German, the word for "hell" is "Hölle," which looks a lot like "hole." What's more, the old Hebrew concept of Sheol wasn't all that hellish; it was more like a subterranean "land of the dead," perhaps along the lines of certain Greek conceptions of Hades. In fact, most old concepts of hell are underworld-ish (cf. the "hell" entry in this etymological dictionary), implying something like a hole or cavern or underground realm.

And in any case, evil is usually considered cool in a subversive way. So why not a marmot who looks like he could explode your brain with a mere thought?

Et oui-- this is going on the sidebar. Heh.

MF, did you see the Seeing Eye Blog image?


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