Thursday, February 26, 2004

"Last Temptation"

Years ago, I went with BH and two other friends from High School to see "The Last Temptation of Christ" in downtown DC amidst all the controversy. Oddly enough the one thing I remember most about that night was driving by the Chinese embassy in the midst of the Tienannmen Square protests going on. I think I remmeber the right night. Maybe that was the night went to see HenryV.

In any event, BH got into a biblical debate with some Born Again Types protesting the film. The one thing that I came away with from after viewing that debate was how ignorant the Born Again Fundies were compared to BH. And how gleefully and intentionally ignorant they were of the world outside their particular interpretation of scripture.

For the record, I liked "Last Temptation." A little boring, and long winded, but in general it was an interesting exploration of the filmmakers faith. It was a very personal film in that respect. Definitely not worth the controversy.

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