Sunday, February 22, 2004

bienvenue au blogroll!

Polymath makes the blogroll, even though he's leaving Korea soon. I noticed he's also been dealing with resident trolls, and with more maturity and civility than I have. In the meantime, I really have to thank my troll-benefactors for jacking up my SiteMeter numbers. Before the trolls connected me to porn links, I was already getting hits from people searching for porn, so now, thanks to lux bearer (or whoever it is), I'm simply getting more of the same! It's like watery diarrhea off a duck's back!

Muchas gracias, hijo de puta! Chupa la pinga de tu padre! Y sus cojones tambien!

Also, a warm welcome to Higo Blog, run by the brother of Cosmic Buddha. Interesting to note that "higo blog" is a scatological anagram for "BigHo Log."


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