Saturday, February 28, 2004

pimpin' for DigitalPixi

My buddy Carpemundi has a lovely half-Korean wife who works as a graphic designer. She's just opened up her very own CafePress/CafeShops cyberstore, and I'm proud to pimp her wares on this blog. Unlike yours truly, Luisa's an actual designer, which means she produces actual designs. They look great, too. Her shop has plenty of men's wear, women's wear, and other swag like mugs and mousepads and lunch boxes (check out the "evil pixie"), as well as items for pets and new parents (I don't know if these latter items are interchangeable). One gorgeous design is based on pets all done up in rainbow colors and moving around each other in a dynamic circle-- very cool, and it's on mugs and other products. Look for beautiful poppies and slogans like "ucked fup."

Luisa's designs also have the virtue of being blood- and excrement-free, so those of my readers who have a hard time looking at broomstick impalements, mutilated frogs, and flying bodily fluids will find her shop a pleasure.

And finally, let us praise our Lord Jesus Christ that not a single one of Luisa's creative designs strays even a little bit toward the Hello Kitty end of the spectrum. I don't know about you, but my balls are relieved.

Here are some samples of Luisa's work:

DigitalPixi Swag

"Und vhat do you zee on zis lunchbox?"
"I see... I think it's... OH, SWEET JESUS, IT'S JOHN KERRY! No! Take it away! It burns my eyes! Oh, it burns!"

DigitalPixi Swag

"Und on zis tote bag? Vhat do you zee here?"
"My God... it's like a vision of hell. People flailing in agony... three-headed angels shredding old ladies... monsters with farm implements doing horrible things to high school students... I get a very scandalous, Teletubbie vibe from this image. It unsettles me. Doctor, why do you keep showing me these things? What in God's name is wrong with you? Have you no shame? Week after week, you do this to me."

DigitalPixi Swag

"Ah, vell... ahem. Und-- how about zis tile coaster? Vhat do you sink you zee?"
"Doc, this isn't even a Rorschach blot. Come on, look at it-- if that's not Regan MacNeill spewing green vomit all over Father Karras, I don't know what it is."

DigitalPixi Swag

"Sigh... und anozzer picture. Vhat is zis?"
"I see chickens."
"Yes, chickens."
"Und vhat are zee chickens doing?"
"They're in a rock band."
"Really. Und vhat are zey singingk?"
"Some Mariah Carey cover. Doc, I need to stop. This is too horrible for words."

DigitalPixi Swag

"Und finally, zis piece of women's wear..."
"I'm not sure why you're calling this women's wear, Doc. I wear these all the time."

Damn, does this thong give me ideas for where the Howard Dean-penis might appear next. And another thong design comes to mind, too: a drawing of me smirking, and the words, "Too late! I've already been here!" Heh.

Luisa's shop is called DigitalPixi Designs. Go forth and shop-shop-shop until your ass crack is positively squirting blood! THEN SHOP SOME MORE!

[PS: A link to her site is on my sidebar. Look for the flower tile.]


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