Saturday, February 14, 2004

Happy Valentine's Day

This one is for the ladies.

[For foreigners who might not know the way it works in Korea, there are two romantic "holidays": Valentine's Day and the so-called White Day (nothing racial implied, despite the Klan overtones). On Valentine's Day, the women do stuff for their men. On White Day, the men do their thang for the ladies. And there's a third and sadder "holiday," Black Day, for those with no Significant Other, like yours truly. On that day, we get to eat jjajang-myon, or Korean-style Chinese pasta in black bean sauce. And usually this is done all alone (or occasionally with a sympathetic friend). Jjajang-myon is actually one of my favorite fast foods, so I'll be celebrating my misery rather happily.]

Here's your cartoon, folks. Now behold the mystery of love.

pregnant with potential

amorous purging

hermeneutical static

(c)2004 Kevin Kim, Publishing, Inc. (etc., etc.)


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