Thursday, June 10, 2004

and God said, "LET THERE BE G-MAIL!"

Please address all future emails to:

Gmail is offered by Google. I picked up an account a while back, when they were advertising directly to us Blogger users. My Gmail account allows me to store up to a GIGABYTE of mail, which sure kicks the bony, underfed ass of Hotmail's free service and its paltry 2MB.

Same filtering rules as before: please type HAIRY CHASMS (not case sensitive) into your subject window when mailing me.

Désormais vous êtes priés d'envoyer votre courrier électronique à l'adresse notée supra. Comme avec l'adresse Hotmail, veuillez mettre "Hairy Chasms" (majuscule ou minuscule) dans la fenêtre >>sujet<<. Merci.


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