Monday, June 14, 2004

Keanu moment


At around 3PM, Seoul time, I walked into the Go-dae Magic Station PC-bahng, logged on to my blog, and checked site traffic.

Holy shit.

Over 340 hits today, and we've got hours and hours to go. Looks like we'll be breaking 400.

For you big-ass Koreabloggers, this must be nothing, but this shit is news to me. I average maybe 100-140 unique visits per day, if SiteMeter's at all trustworthy. Over the past week, I've had a huge spike in traffic thanks to two link bestowals by Steven Den Beste (whose name I finally spelled correctly).

So thank you, Mr. Den Beste. I'll never see numbers like this again, because I don't write enough about politics, and I sure as hell don't write Tech Central Station columns like some folks do (hey, Dr. KBJ-- do they pay $5000 an essay?). But it's been fun. Oooooh, yes. What writer doesn't want a little validation, even when it's largely unearned through link bestowals?

These sorts of avalanches (and it's Instalanche, not Instalaunch) last only a few days; I thought I was done after two. At least now my averages will be skewed for a few more days, and if I've picked up a few extra readers along the way (welcome, all), that's coolness incarnate.

As Jack Black says on his album, Tenacious D: LONG LIVE ME.

(Of course, he said that during the comic number in which it turns out that his drink was poisoned. He dies screaming. That's one hilarious album.)


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