Friday, June 11, 2004

who's got B.O.?

My centipede has some nasty, rancid B.O. This has been true since I caught the little bastard. I clean the plastic container regularly, but the smell, like victims in the Hotel California, never leaves. It's a heavy, sharp smell, hard to describe, but definitely not the tangy sweetness of a stinkbug. It's sour, maybe a combination of Essence of Homeless Guy and Eau de Post-exertion Football Player. When you consider the fact that my centipede has over twenty armpits, it's obvious why the plastic container stinks.

I almost caught a second centipede this evening-- the hasuk apparently has its own stock of free-range bugs. I was looking forward to feeding my centipede more of its own kind, since this is apparently what it likes best. And who am I to argue with the dictates of nature? My centipede needs to follow its cannibalistic dharma.

All of this means, though, that my plastic container is now useless for anything other than holding house centipedes.


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