Friday, June 04, 2004

that sly fucker, George Lucas

The Star Wars prequel series introduced us to a new and important term: Padawan, a young learner in the Jedi Order.

Dr. Vallicella recently wrote a great post on language, and noted that grammar is "a propaedeutic to logic."

The word propaedeutic isn't one I use often, though I've encountered it in some philo/religion readings. I decided to look the word up in the online Webster's, and discovered the following about the etymology of propaedeutic:

Greek propaideuein to teach beforehand, from pro- before + paideuein to teach, from paid-, pais child

Do you see it?



Note, too, that Anakin's name is very likely biblical-- a reference to the Anakim, a giant people named in Deuteronomy and Joshua.


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