Sunday, June 27, 2004

Whites Only Need Apply!

I've got an interview coming up with Sookmyung University, but I'm still searching the ads.

Here's a nice one:

Greetings Teachers,
We are looking for Caucasian teachers preferably from Canada or USA. The age level of our school is (pre K to 6 grade). It is great place to work. If you like teaching, you will like our school for many reasons. (good staff, a lot of educational materials and resource books, reliable & relaxed atmosphere)

Black folks need not apply. They make us... uncomfortable.

Oh, wait-- some bad erotica for the censors (and be sure to check out the KimcheeGI's blog for a howler about how only "39 sites"-- now 40-- have been blocked by the Korean government):

Jessica eyed the beast in Frank's pants with unbridled lust. Even from across the room, she could tell he was the biggest (heh heh) man she'd ever seen, and her inner spaces became moist with desire. Lust consumed her, driving out all rational thought. Without further deliberation, she let out a bark and leaped ninja-like across the floor space, cartwheeling and somersaulting, flinging her arms and legs wide and landing upon Frank with the force of an Everlast punching bag thrown by the Hulk.

"Whoa!" Frank said.

Clothes flew off willy-nilly. Frank didn't seem to understand how badly Jessica wanted him, but he played along. Jessica impaled herself on Frank's massive Wienerschnitzel and screeched like a harpy as she slammed and pumped herself up and down his unimaginable, almost science-fictive length. Her love juices anointed their impromptu union; she pumped faster, even more desperately, Kegeling Frank for all he was worth, milking his life-essence.

"Ow, it hurts," Frank said as the friction became too much to bear. Smoke was pouring from their crotches. There was the smell of searing meat. Frank's manhood was literally cooking from the heat Jessica was generating, and he didn't know how to tell her.

But at that moment Jessica howled as her climax came upon her, her orgasm crashing in waves upon Frank's frank, which was now giving off a distinctly Hebrew National Hot Dog odor. Jessica gasped several times, then fell sideways off Frank, spent and drowsy from her efforts.

Frank, in the meantime, was weeping. His formerly massive schlong had been reduced to little more than a fat eraser. He looked over at Jessica, pleadingly, helplessly, but she seemed not to notice. Frank looked around him.

All activity in the reception area had stopped, and eighty people were staring down at Frank and Jessica.

"I'm so sorry about this," Frank said lamely.

Jessica was snoring.


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