Sunday, June 27, 2004

WAR! (and a slight cosmetic change)

We're now on a war footing against the idiots and useful idiots who think that a beheading is worth the obstruction of free speech. I never offered my own condolences to Kim Sun-il's family on this blog, and for that I apologize. I view Kim's death with great sadness and anger. His family lost a son. They can never get him back. And those of us who remain have the obligation to remember. This was a war death. War doesn't give a shit whose life it claims.

I want to make it clear whom I consider my targets as the cyber-anus of the Hairy Chasms ponderously readjusts its aim: the South Korean "liberal" government, which has shown its true colors, and the stupid-as-shit Angry Korean Netizens who agree with the government's attempt at censorship only because Kim Sun-il was Korean. I don't care about the Happy Korean Netizens (are there any?). I don't care about the Koreans, in Korea and outside, who are perceptive enough to see we're all in this together. No; I reserve my scorn for those who insist on a Hermit Kingdom mentality-- the fuckholes who've chosen to play the role of cultural immune system against a bad, bad world, combatting the intrusion of annoying ideas like truth and reality.

Also, I should clarify what I meant about the change in prose. We're going to get nastier here, I'm afraid, and that can mean only one thing: bad erotica.

So I apologize to the people like Sperwer who are waiting for me to write some silliness about religious issues, but if the beheading incident is cause for some idiots to murder free expression in an ostensibly democratic country, then the Hairy Chasms has little choice but to become a venue that celebrates life. That's code language for SEX, in case you didn't get that.

So enjoy the new banner. I'll take it down when the government lifts its ban. In the meantime, I sincerely hope it enrages the stupid.

PS: I thought about labeling the banner-penis "Black B. Beautiful."


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