Sunday, June 27, 2004

Todd Thacker, watch your ass

Todd Thacker at the English division of the Korean publication OhMyNews risks life and limb to write the following article (quoting a few of us bloggers in the process, and making doubly sure that the BigHominid quote was one containing a swear word-- thank you, Todd).

Todd publicly notes what many bloggers have been saying:

The sudden crackdown by the MIC, which came without warning and is not mentioned on the English Web site, is in direct contravention of the Korean Constitution.

Some penis heads are gonna roll.

I think this censorship calls for a shift to a war footing.


From now until the day the censorship is lifted, prose at the Hairy Chasms will be rife with puns, slang, and more sexual and scatological imagery than you've ever seen. The primary purpose is to make translation a headache for any Koreans attempting to decipher my core message-- whatever it may be.

The shift begins now.

Oh, and I'll be working on a "war banner" for the site.

FUCK da' po-lice! Fuck-- fuck-- FUCK da' po-lice!


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